All over the walls, the cage ceiling, and he’s cross the whole cage suspended like that. Like scaring the hamster, or holding him for too long, or too high. We give Teddy a thick layer of the wood shavings for ‘ground’, which he has in his house as well. Ruckus Turnip NOT the fine dusty kind ! Difference between playtime with guinea pigs and hamsters This is the least, since some hamsters can jump higher than this. But digging towers are different, as well as hideout complexes. So you might miss out a lot on your hamster’s funny antics. But still, talking to them and handling them is important to taming the hamsters and keeping them tame. The article continues after the image.) Hamsters don’t have the best eyesight, so they depend more on other senses to survive. It only lasts for 12 hours, and the male only has that one night to impregnate her. Hamsters usually have litters of 6 and 12, but they can have larger ones. You might be wondering if a hamster might be a good pet for your kid. Syrians are calmer than Dwarf types. A hamster will mark things as his own with his scent glands. A hamster that’s about to jump will give warning signs. Hamsters are very small, fluffy creatures. So generally most interactions between the two don’t go too well, largely due to the hamster’s need for solitude. Discharge in the eyes or nose or ears A hamster’s teeth are always growing, so if he were to eat soft food like meat, or bread, his teeth would become too large. Jackie But dawn and dusk are good temperature ranges for us, so remember that we need around  20-22 degrees Celsius/68-72  Fahrenheit to live comfortably. Don’t give the hamster very tall toys For example guinea pigs need an external source of Vitamin C, and their pellets are infused with the vitamin. And if the males and females aren’t kept separate immediately after weaning, they can start to breed, even so young. They can come about from poor handling by the caretakers, or it could be a hereditary problem. It can be less dangerous than the infection we talked about earlier. Syrians do jump around their cage, but mostly when they’re very young. In terms of food, these two eat mostly the same things. I think my hamster is bleeding. Larger wounds with steady blood flow will require immediate attention and possibly vet care. My Teddy had this a couple of times, and I didn’t know about the saline solution at first. If it get cold, your hamster will do like my Teddy does, and gather as much bedding as he can to keep himself warm. Tabby How to Stop Bleeding and Treat a Wound A jumping hamster might sound silly, but it’s for a reason. But I quickly found out I was wrong. Hamsters are always on the move and are curious about a million things at a time, but still, if you put your hand on the cage, he should notice it and try to come closer. Give him a small bit of cooked plain chicken and ask him if he slept well last night. A hamster with a minor cut will probably lick the wound as it clots and may continue to lick the wound as it heals. Hamsters only hibernate in case of extreme cold, so make sure you keep your hamster’s cage in a room that is  20-22 degrees Celsius/68-72  Fahrenheit. This is partly because hamsters chew on everything and wood is safe for them. Hamsters will also jump out of your hands when they wanted to do something else and you interrupted them. To be clear, I’m talking about children under 12-13 years of age, when they start to become more responsible. This is the most obvious and definitive sign that the male has successfully impregnated the female. This is because of the amazing energy small hamsters have, and how incredibly agile they are. If your hamster is more fidgety or nipper than usual, then she might be in heat. Bald spots, and how the fur looks It might sound silly, but if your hamster of choice starts making himself look bigger and tries to intimidate you, you’ve got a difficult one. Female hamsters during estrus can smell a bit musky or pungent. After all, these poor souls have always been food for other, larger animals. Napkin Hamsters are also very sensitive to shifts in temperature, and can easily die of hypothermia. Normally hamsters memorize their cages and where to find everything, so they can do just fine without their eyesight. After all, he’s a Syrian hamster, hailing from the desert. When you’re online or at the pet store, make sure you check the cage as best you can. It’s only the initial costs that can throw you off if you’re not expecting it. When it gets too hot for the hamster – which is anything above 22 Celsius/72 Fahrenheit – you’ll see him start to push the bedding out of his house. You need to know both hamsters and guinea pigs well before you even think of housing them together. It could be that the hamster has an abscess in his mouth (possibly because if a bad tooth) and that could be the source. Please note, as this is a peer-to-peer chat board, Netmums has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting. Hamsters like to be on their own, they will not share anything. They’re funny on their own My Teddy does the weirdest things in his cage. Especially baby hamsters, they’re even sweeter. This is great news for very busy people, and it’s an easy thing to take care of. 195 Perfectly Cute Hamster Names (Male And Female). Hamsters have so much energy to burn His legs and paws are not meant to jump very high(unlike mice or rabbits). Here’s why hamsters make good pets: They’re low maintenance – not hard to look after What do I do? Since hamsters are so small, it’s important to know how to help your furry friend. Faye Whether you're thinking about getting a puppy or wondering how a rescue dog will fit in with your family, post here to get opinions from other parents. Steve Cheese Fry Hamsters have adapted to eat mostly grains and a few veggies, maybe an insect or two. Why hamsters can have dog treats, but not dog food Most of the health checks are obvious and immediately noticeable, like scabs, missing teeth, bald spots, leaky nose, etc. Hamsters and guinea pigs can’t live together. A bit like fish, but cuddly and much faster. The article continues after the image.) I hope you found what you were looking for here, and know how to help your hammy friend if he ever gets an eye problem. Of course he won’t be able to piece together anything you’re saying, but he will understand that you’re interacting with him. I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. Hamsters are actually incredibly clean animals, and they clean themselves regularly, several times a day, very thoroughly. Ghandi Rasputin Opt for wood-based toys That being said, if you’re getting a Dwarf type hammy, both genders are hyper and won’t sit still. Eve If he’s a confirmed jumper, be extra sure to be close to the cage, or near a soft surface he can fall on, like the bed or a sofa. Does the hammy look like it’s angry or snappy ? A female hamster is almost always in heat. Any bald spot could be an indication of a skin disease, some of which could be contagious. Dwarf hamsters have the longest pregnancy (20-22) while the Syrian hamsters have the shortest pregnancy. You’ll learn how to keep us safe and happy, and what we need for a good life.... When/what age to let the female hamster mate, Pregnancy and birth of the hamster litter. Like maybe you picked your hamster up when he was eating, or while he was cleaning himself. This is because she is looking for a mate (and doesn’t know she won’t find one in her cage!). Vanilla (in honor of the late Vanilla HamHam) He had a very easy to access ramp he used to get there in the first place, which he ignored when trying to get down. Here we share care knowledge and tips to keep your rodent (and rabbit) healthy and happy. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. Thanks! A hamster is harder to tame than other pets While climbing the cage bars is perfectly fine, it can sometimes lead to chewing the cage bars. She owns a hamster as well as a dog and a cat and hopes to spread her knowledge about rodents to help other pet owners. Not only that, but it can get very frustrating for the hamster. In time we replaced that one too. Okie The Funny Truth About Spider-Hamsters. Danny Guillermo Del Hamstero To prevent this from happening again, you might want to permanently move your hamster’s home into a place that has fewer variations in temperature. Hamsters get restless easily, and it’s best to leave them in a well contained area when they’re like this, so they can run and play at will. Randall Breeding your hamster is a decision that needs a lot of consideration. Letting your hamster pick his own name Cleaning your hamster’s cage out too often can result in unnecessary stress and anxiety for your hamster. Leo To figure out the best kind of cage your hamster would need, as well as which of the 3 most common types would suit him, check out this article. Choose two animals of the same gender so they cannot breed. Is straw safe for hamsters? If you want to know more about us hammies, you should check the articles below.... Do Hamsters Climb ? Wolfenstein Hannibal They don’t get sick often, but when they do, it’s terrible. If they do then I'd prefer a male and get him neutered or something, because that's disgusting. Does he look mostly calm and curious ? Internal bleeding is serious and needs to be treated straight away. Dexter Hammy So make sure you don’t turn on bright lights in your hamster’s room. A good way to distract the hamster in your hands is to give him a treat or piece of food. Milkbones for example are a good choice for occasional treats for your hamster. Most of the time hamsters make absolutely no noise. Other animals, such as dogs and cats, also have estrus cycles. And here’s how to make sure they survive. Age of Sexual Maturity . If left in this state for long, he can develop serious health issues. But they are curious creatures and want to inspect everything. Food and treats for the hamster and the gerbil Breeding of hamsters is best left to experienced breeders because hamsters (particularly females) can become aggressive during mating. But when you compare a hamster with a shedding cat, a dog that needs regular walks and trips to the vet, and a squeaky parrot that you need to constantly clean up after, a hamster is just breezy. Do not touch or try to handle him at all for a couple of days. My mistake was expecting it to be as loving and playful as a dog. Hamsters are less affectionate A word from Teddy It’s very hard to guess their personality when they’re babies He gets on top of the hideout, then kind of… melts between his hideout and the cage bars. Still, some care should be taken, since they’re not immediately friendly like a puppy, or curious like a kitten. The small piggy can only keep its patience for so long, and will eventually bite back. And also how and when to clean his cage. Please keep your hamster warm, but not too warm. So if you’re a very quiet person, and you need a quiet pet that won’t disturb you, a hamster could be for you. A nosebleed in an older hamster is sometimes caused by kidney or liver failure or a sign that your hamster has a low platelet count called thrombocytopenia. They have their good and their bad sides, and I’ll tell you both. You will probably only notice them of the hamster is licking that spot. My Teddy is an adult Syrian hamster, but this will apply to Dwarf types as well. That is the absolute minimum, for just one guinea pig. Is a rodent a good pet for you ? A lone gerbil will become depressed and lose his appetite. Aside from the light and temperature warnings, there are a few general precautions you should take. Do hamsters bleed during their period ? There are a few downside to having a hamster as a pet, although the upsides more than make up for these. So getting a hamster would mean you might miss him if you go to bed around 10 PM and wake up early to go to work or school. However, females should not be bred for the first time until they are 3 to 4 months old. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. Hamsters, like gerbils, will always pick a bigger cage if they can. Very hard to anger, but once he is irritated, his teeth and jaws are much stronger than a hamster’s. Or, maybe your hamster was born without eyes, or maybe he lost an eye in a terrible happening. Lumps. The first time this happened I was lucky to be close to his cage. The thermostat is around 22 Celsius all year round, so he is fine overall. You’ve got a new friend ! This is usually quite thick, paste-like, and white in color. This means that male needs to be removed and a different male introduced, possibly one who can stand against her. So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a cuddly, affectionate pet. The cause for this is not known but it does not seem to be due to any illness. Even in their hideout, hamsters keep their pile of food well away from droppings, and only pee in the opposite corner of the cage. A hamster or a gerbil can’t be handled like a puppy or a grown cat, and can’t match the child’s energy, nor the appetite for play. He usually chews on them for fun, and he sometimes uses bits of it for his home, for extra insulation. I’ll urge you to bring your pet as fast as you can to his new home, so he can accommodate. So I’m going to talk about why hamsters jump, how high hamsters can jump, and how you can make sure they don’t hurt themselves by falling. A word from Teddy Sure, they’ll tolerate them a bit but you can’t hold and cuddle a hamster for a half hour as you could a dog. Kylie It is normal for them when they are in the estrus cycle. I wish I knew this about Teddy, because I was afraid he was sick when I first saw this. This is especially true if it’s her first litter, and has no previous experience with young hamsters. Is the hamster trying to attack you ? Most of the times they’re separated in time. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. Gwen Eye Infections In Hamsters (And Other Eye Problems). Make sure you sand them down if need be. Pregnancies in hamsters older than 15 weeks is not recommended, since it often has many complications. Hamsters climb for two great reasons: They’re so incredibly curious, they have to see and smell and hear everything, and will move towards you as often as they can. Gerry In extreme cases the entire half of the face could be swollen. They might, but because they were introduced as babies, and grew up together. They can even die of heart attacks from a dog barking at them. It’s a type or diarrhea and can be extremely dangerous for your hamster’s health. Those are normal, and they are the scent glands. I didn’t know if Teddy would make a good pet, but I wanted a cute hammy running around the house in his exercise ball. A hamster can live as long as 2-4 years, while a guinea pig can reach 7 years. Hamster hibernation or sleeping? The difference is that the crust will have to soften. The gestation period varies from hamster breed to breed, but generally is between 16 to 22 days. In the wild hamsters do no reach such an old age. Pam (Pamela Hamsterson) A word from Teddy Or it could be an internal injury, especially if the bleeding is fairly constant (over a few hours). MJ I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. This discharge is pus due to a uterine infection. The point is that your hamster has an infection and needs your help. Ozzy An average budget, for a new cage, wheel, exercise ball, transport cage, hideout, and toys can get to $225. Once her due date approaches she will become restless, she will eat more, and she will stop using her wheel. good luck. The babies are born hairless and blind, and will suckle from her until they reach 4 weeks of age. sterile glass jar or cup to keep the saline solution in Let alone a large guinea pig fighting a small hamster. Or maybe hamsters falling asleep and actually falling over. Dwarf Russian hamsters may reach sexual maturity as early as 4 to 5 weeks of age. In this case the solution is a lot like with the infection. Quentin There might be a drop of blood every now and again for some hamsters. Taming a hamster means handling it, playing with it, letting it get used to your scent. Hamsters kept in cold and dark conditions are more likely to hibernate than those exposed to strong light for at least 12 hours a day. Except for 2 things, which if you get wrong, it can be very bad. This is why it’s important you regularly and thoroughly clean your hamster’s habitat once a week or fortnight. Why are those safe for hamsters ? There can be one single drop of blood, occasionally, but that’s it. I barely caught him in time. He only does this in case of emergencies, and can’t keep it for long. Any debris or dust can get stuck inside the exercise ball, and get in your hammy’s ears, nose, or eyes. And when the guinea pig would take a short nap, the hammy could possibly stumble upon it (curious as hamsters are, but also silly and a bit thick). If you notice your hamster is bleeding heavily from their private area, then you should take her to the vet for examination as she could have internal bleeding. Us hammies are very curious and want to explore everything, so naturally we’ll climb over and onto anything. Or if she even gets a period at all. Cover the sides of the levels in the cage This is because Winter white (or Siberian) hamsters come from a colder climate than the other types. Teddy did jump from the highest level all the way down. It will provide air and lots of ventilation, being a wire cage. A word from Teddy Know that your hamster friend might be a bit grumpy, now that he can’t see anymore. If you own a female hamster, you will need to know about her menstrual cycle, and if she bleeds during her period. Aside from the strong smell the female gives off, there are other signs. A solid-floored one, with not gaps for the little guys to catch their feet or tails on is great. I wanted a cuddly, friendly hammy, who will sleep on my shoulder and want to play all the time. You might wonder if your furry hamster can live with a friendly guinea pig. It’s treatable, and you’ll need a good vet for that. They all would fit in the palm of your hand, even as adults. You can even give your hamster especially complicated and long names, it will be the same. A single Syrian hamster can live in a cage the size of 24 x 12 inches, and about 12 inches tall. An underfed hamster will be noticeable if you hold the hamster and feel its spine and leg bones very clearly. He’ll even get scared of you walking past his cage when he’s in his first few weeks. Breeders use pairs with 1 male and 1 female, as well as groups of hamsters with 1 male and multiple females. My Teddy was part-tarantula when he was young, so let me tell you about climbing hamsters. No, not usually. Yasmin They’re not crazy about hugs and kisses and cuddles and scratches. The Dwarf types look like they have no neck at all, while the Syrians have a distinct teddybear-like face. It might come as a surprise to you or not, but hamsters are very clean animals. Xena He’d climb up and down the whole cage, show off his amazing abs, cling with just one paw, the use all 4, all kinds of acrobatics. It could be the a urinary tract infection that went very far. This is usually seen on the third day of estrus.