meme trumpet trumpetboymeme trumpet_boy shitpost digitalillustration ... Kanda3egle. Enter One (by sol seppy) DK, Donkey Kong!! Also it’s a bit of a stretch to say that the chorus is “Banana”, the “Ba” sound just isn’t there. 9 months ago. ... Theme. Ultimate and … Super Smash Bros. Baba kept falling, until they landed on the ground, next to the rest of the losers by the campfire. King k rool theme. He also composed this song all by himself. Someone ported the model of King K. Rool! Honest Gamers stated, "It has very little flaws, if any, is very addictive, and even a child can use it. SLAANESH DOOT. Music made for sad people. Smiles and tears. It's nice but I kinda really hate the over usage of the trumpet. Gray-Skull. 485 Favourites. Spectacular Spiderman theme. It's amazing!