If you need just one or two items, local eBay listings will almost always be cheaper and you will get proper purchase protection. For the reasons you listed, do you think it’s worth the time and monetary investment to find a memory card supplier on Alibaba? Here are 50 ingenious examples that carry dual meanings in their design. 1688.com Not as often as 5 years ago as Alibaba is filtering these listings out very aggressively, but still – you can find them. When you cancel the TRADE ASSURANCE,please fill zero in the reexchange amount,please. I know how tempting it may be sometimes to just go ahead with the order, even if some things don’t quite add up. I never tried alibaba but i want to start … so i`m planing to buy some playstations 4. i found a 8 yrs gold member and get in touch with him on skype. Members. Alibaba has done a good job on filtering out such items over the last few years but chances are you can still find some listed there. And you buy 5 get 2 free shipping and so on… But before I created an account I read couple of articles on the web about how to deal with alibaba, like supplier profile, I’m just talking with verified gold suppliers, and based in the USA, UK, and Egypt. I try to buy an branded drone from alibaba. Grrr…. Thanks a lot for all your help, your blog is very useful. The supplier looks genuine everything checks out, 5 years on site, and verified with on site inspection and they specialise in manufacturing one type of goods. The majority of the supplier there they don’t care to sell goods, just to scam people. There are no such customs fees to pay when exporting goods from China so if you receive an email like this from your supplier, you have already been scammed and can say goodbye to the money you have already paid. Is it a scam? I have kept all the communications and payments for evidence, HOWEVER, ALIBABA, WILL NOT ALLOW YOU to submit a fraud incident if the company/email address etc. They want people to believe that they have found a superb deal while in reality it’s a very cheap scam. If everything else look ok, their explanation make sense. So if you’re looking for ANY KIND of branded goods, Alibaba is NOT the place to go! Have you ever proven your “accusations” This is a classical scam where they promise you branded goods for super low price, even give some additional free items and continue requesting money for all kinds of made up fees, custom charges etc. Thanks very much for all your posts about Alibaba. It’s a SCAM! Hopefully some day this will all stop. I wish I had just done some research before placing my order! Sorry to hear about that John but you should do some more due diligence before trying to buy branded smartphones from China. Jones Anne has changed her email from gmail to hotmail (i’ve notice on second scam email). The price is like wow, in the companies website gives all the features of the original product. Free-shipping for almost everything. They are located in the UK. I also did a Google Search of the Company Name and found it I testing that he is using the same name as a very large NASDAQ Listed Tech Company (excellent way to fool people into making them believe he is a real company). But in general it is safe and suppliers KNOW that when Trade Assurance is involved, they simply MUST follow the rules. buh,,,will I say,m just lucky,,av been dealing with aliexpress now for the past 2 years,and av not had any course to complain or get scammed.i get all my orders in very good conditions…, […] https://andrewminalto.com/top-10-alibaba-scams/ […]. ”. the final cost of the product here in uk will be about 10-15% less then on UK market. Remember, these don’t apply solely to Alibaba but to all popular B2B platforms that involve a large number of wholesale suppliers from China. Yes, that’s in case if website sells BRANDED products Pat. You should be safe ordering a sample from them. I personally try to stick with 3rd year + Gold suppliers and if you manage to find a 7th or 8th year supplier then the chances of you being scammed are incredibly small, provided you follow the other rules of course. Thank you very much for this post. All 10 were a swindlers. Can I do complaint against Alibaba scam. However, there are actually some suppliers that tick all the boxes, but still offer branded products. See website and Alibaba site below: https://shandongysc.en.alibaba.com/ And I understood a lot, thank you very much. And not from Alibaba. And even experienced traders get scammed. Im wanting to start but would you tell me how would it be easier to find business opportunities how to niche down and find a category that will sell ? BUT still – chances of you getting scammed are very, very high so I would proceed very carefully, do as many checks as you can and start with very small order. 99% of all the listings in this category are scams. Both can enhance users experience, but only when carefully implemented. HOW I Made £320,000 in 18 months on Amazon UK! It was a scam, glad you didn’t pay them anything. r/bapcsalesaustralia. He wanted me to pay with Western Union but I asked if I could pay by PayPal, he opened a PayPal account but informed me that he cant receive any payment in 21 days because its a new account and came up with an idea of suggesting that I would send Wire Transfer to his uncles company bank account instead. as with trade assurance a proper invoice must be produced and verified. I was trying to order phones and the supplier said that trade assurance doesn’t work for phones. Must I own a registered company in my country before buying from alibaba to avoid difficulty in claiming them…. You say not to buy branded goods like nike shoes why not? If samples are good, I would recommend you do factory inspection and then decide on whatever you want to place order with them or not: Hi andrew,first of all i want to thank you for this helpuful article and second thing i need an advice about alibaba. I tired getting in touch with Alibaba’s complaint department. I hope they go out of buisiness, full of fakes and scammers with no scruples. 3) is this really too good to be true? I opened a dispute and will see what happens ! | Country Search It’s better to let a potentially good deal go, than to be sorry later on when you get scammed. At least by that high percentage. After a few days she contacted me trough WhatsApp and said she had found a good supplier and the price was reasonable but if I needed sample it would cost $84 after 3 days of her still waiting on sample I ask her does supplier accept PayPal which she replied no but I want I could use her personal one. There is no legitimate business on any platform that would agree to such terms with out a signed payment agreement. I personally wouldn’t do it, no. please contact a freight forwarding company who can explain you how this process works, how much it will cost etc. The fact that Nike actually manufactures shoes in China doesn’t mean that someone can simply sell their stock out of their warehouse, just like that. Many of them was old or gold members. No departments, no other managers/directors to contact. So when i ask him send me the third party Quality/Laboratory inspection certificates from SGS or Bureau Veritas, this is how he replies: “Unfortunately Company does not send out past documents to clients. Either way, you can always open a dispute whether it’s because you didn’t receive the actual goods or the goods aren’t what you expected or what was described. he is almost all the time active in chat(99% responsive) (too good to be true though) there was a button saying ”order free sample”. It seemed UPS got in touch, because they finally messaged me saying I had to pay customs taxes or the scooter would be sent back. I’m dont recall if you mentioned this but this is a clue as well. Shipping Method: Express He sent me his URL to his Corporate Office, which was troubling for me. I appreciate this post. So if you can help in anyway please let me know or if you have heard this type or hear of this company before?? Does it appear to be common to you? Please read all the guides on my blog to avoid such mistakes in future. It depends on your goals and imple… Getting a sample is the first thing you want to do when you have found a new supplier – just to test the quality of the product and in general verify that this supplier is the real deal and can provide you with products you’re interested in. I was promised a name brand American medical laser. I told him I forgave him, and now he was in Gods hands.. Unlike raster or bitmap images, it does not rely on a grid of pixels to form the graphic, which alleviates pixelation issues as the … | Suppliers He wanted to pay him via WU, then he agreed to pay him via alibaba secure payment ( formerly escrow). It gave me a lot to think about, and there’s a lot of practical advice here. First of all amazing guide, thank you! […] perfect supplier in China, using Alibaba or any other sourcing platform, you’ve made sure the company isn’t a scam, and everything went through fine with your sample […], […] and I’m afraid to say you’ll never see your money again. As of today, the matter is still pending. Interesting to note that I got suspicious when the seller showed only Money Gram, Western Union, and Bitcoin. I didn’t see you mention any examples of suppliers posing as Gold supplies through texts, so I thought I’d share that interesting experience. This website are full of scammers. I am planning to 5 Nintendo Switches at $100 USD each from Infinity Pro. So, why did I spent all this time with someone I was skeptical of the minute I saw he was not fully vetted by Alibaba and only accepted Money Gram, Western Union , and Bitcoin? While this may not be a 100% sure sign it’s a scam, I would personally stay away from any such company that doesn’t offer samples. Should it be trusted? I have sellers on alibaba telling me that the samples are free, we just have to pay for shipping. I’m going to be sourcing some electronic equipment from Alibaba in the next couple of months. I want to buy a ATV from Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Co., Ltd. The person set up a fake escrow email that requested me to send money to an individual bank account in Germany. I wish I’d seen it before I was scammed out of $4125 last week by an Indonesian “supplier”. Payment via was to be made into this company account. Thanks for stopping by. That tracking information and website is fake, sorry, you have been scammed. Check the domain name in the WHO IS database. Is it a scam? And then simply start with a sample order, then small trial order of say 50-100 units – do inspection in China, so that each card is tested for capacity, pay via PayPal and you should be just fine. I sent $300 for a fitness Rower machine through Zelle to a private email. YES! Hello Andrew. Yes, buying such branded PC accessories/parts is VERY risky on Alibaba. So, I have ordered to my company LED lights from a big company in Alibaba, the products came and the quality was ok. One issue was that UPS had broken a few lights and I reported this to the salesman from the company and said that we are in urgent need for the remaining products. and shipment is to india and state is telangana …. Now, since the payment, there are more scammers sending me more catalogs just like Jones with a similar formats. What difference does it makes? People complain that they receive damaged machine, refurbished, used, with missing parts etc. My agent’s company have very strict procedures to follow when receiving inventory because it is a big place with several large warehouses. There’s nothing wrong with EMS as a courier service. They’re as unsafe as bank transfer which is the most common payment method. Luckily, i’ve only ask for 1 item ( i had the feeling “it’s too good to be true”). Also, I have never said or promised that Alibaba is a 100% secure place to deal with. Sorry, not following you there – can you please clarify your question? When Alibaba needs a new innovation, it goes back to his old apartment for inspiration. THE SIMPLEST WAY to START selling on Amazon FBA Sweden! Aliexpress know this and blame me but I stated he still not shipped but it’s finished as far as they are concerned, there goes my £123. Join. | We really hope for your comprehension, any inconvenience for you will be so sorry. Now, I know it refers directly to at least two scams you exposed, but it has nothing to do with branded goods usually used as scams. I than checked the tracking a day later and it says released by customs in transit. The only time we have ever been denied paypal was on a large order the supplier demanded western union and we refused, after a few days they made a purchase link on Aliexpress to purchase from but all along also refused payments through the Alibaba site itself. Click the Custom Questions tab to add questions to your registration page. Excellent advice. The easiest way to spot these scammers is by doing a Google search for that company’s name as usually the genuine website will show up first. What a poorly written article…pretty pathetic. To minimise risks, try looking for a well established company (10 years+), with really good profile images, videos etc. ANY Chinese supplier for that matter! It’s a product with a well known name on it, like: This also includes ANY kind of band, movie character or kids’ character like: All these are also classed as branded goods as to manufacture such goods, you have to buy a LICENCE from the Intellectual Property (IP) holder and pay royalty fees. Thanks! Do you think i can take the money back if the product is not like advertised? You’ll be much safer if you find authorised distributor for them: http://e.huawei.com/en/partner/find-a-partner. About 2 weeks ago I reached out to a company on Alibaba called Beauty Centre Inc AKA SKS Cosmetics. It’s hard to give you definite answer but in general, you should be fine if they’re long established, Gold Suppliers. Sichuan Xinzhongrun Advertising Co., Ltd. I guess I would like to know Andrew is if this Advent freight is made up tracking system of some sort. As I am odering just the samples currently for quality checking purpose I am expecting free shipment for the samples. A wide variety of graphic design company options are available to you, There are 23,132 graphic design company suppliers, mainly located in Asia. They then sent me : So I wrote it them that the seeds were fake and ALL of them answered me: “Sorry, here is a new worker who make mistakes…” Simply disgusting lies. Lesson is, never do transaction outside of Alibaba even if you have previous good transactions already. The thing is, you can’t be scammed out of your money easily because, just like eBay or Amazon, Alibaba/Aliexpress has a tight consumer protection, so tight that you can easily scam sellers if you wanted to, but that would hinder your reputation as a buyer, obviously. Hes going to give me his bank account info tomorrow. I don’t know which way to turn or what to do next. Maybe they changed stuff in the past 5 years. I did a full on CSI Investigation into this “Self Stated Legit” company. And I insisted I wanted to pay via PayPal but he said they received payments via PayPal when buying from 50 units so I told them I will no longer proceed with the order since the price was too good to be true and there was no guarantee I’d receive the item. The deals I was finding didn’t feel right so I did some digging. But now i got this new dealer basically from US and he chated with me using whatsapp and his deal was preety solid……… Enter the question. I was about o buy some oculus from a company called Direct Sales Limited and their MOQ was 8 for 40$ each. 浙B2-20120091. I’m afraid that money is gone for good Emma. You have to be extremely careful when buying memory products from China as this scam is very, very popular. Click the Custom Questions tab to add questions to your registration page. So I want assurance of consistent quality before I throw money at them. It is not even dangerous. we almost paid him around150000 rupees …. And I dont know if it would be of any help but I asked him (just for fun) if I can personally meet him and pay for laptop and he agreed. Yeah, it was a 100% scam, no doubt about it. Don’t be afraid to use it, start with something small and you’ll see it works pretty well. He did ship the product but they are of the lowest quality and not what I ordered. I’m not sure if the supplier is trying this, and when the product comes if it is the wrong thing I won’t have a leg to stand on! For Western union,the total fee is USD 50. Check payment methods – if credit card or PayPal is not an option AND only Western Union or Money Gram is accepted, it’s a scam. I know for a fact others have fallen for this scam and submitted payments to them. The reason is because they say they can’t use their company to export since I transferred the money to their company account in RMB instead of their USD account (which is a personal account and I refused). good thing i found this articles and your comments. It is that serious, yes. I know the local/domestic markets here. At least now you’ll know exactly why things went wrong there…. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Apple iPhone 6 for $200. And now supplier or as agent they are some payment 30% of the total units to be delivered, but i him that my ordered was not exceeded as 1 unit..until now the agent did not attempt my call. So at least there have been no scams reported. However no trade assurance. This is more about pure scams of not receiving anything at all. Sounds logical isnt it? or am i to scared and suspicious. Memory cards only get so many reads and writes before they begin to fail, and the development process requires that I read and write a lot of files to it. will trade assurance cover me? Be very, VERY careful with these! Which one is better? Wish I had read this before I rushed into buying on alibaba. I noticed the first initial red flag. ”. They say if we want to go on with our forwarder then it can’t be a Trade Assurance order. Just because other people sell fakes online doesn’t mean it’s legal. What else should be on the invoice? Found this blog. Thanks in advance. For example, a news website might ask a customer for a list of interests and then automatically select articles for them based on this list.The choice between personalization and customization … This is without a doubt the most popular scam taking place on Alibaba! Custom vending machines can be your answer to how to improve your business outlook. You may get lucky and receive your order but in most cases they will simply scam you and send nothing. This company as far as I can tell only deals in damascus knifes and knife supplies. Gosh, exporting is really a non-stop thriller. In alibaba their status is 1 year gold supplier. Ah I see, thanks for confirming. Then I needed to send $800 to clear customs, then $670 for a Delivery Man Fee. The company sold Makita tool sets. If so, they got me good. We have to worry about it? I have also informed fraud dept. I see res flags but theyve been around for 7 years. SIMPLE – DO NOT BUY ANY BRANDED GOODS from Alibaba suppliers! That’s why I recommend using Live Chat on Alibaba to communicate with suppliers and get things done faster. 4) Any business comes with some sort of risk and importing is not an exception. Really depends on the supplier – some are very fast with replying etc. You can’t buy PS4 consoles from Alibaba and definitely NOT for $200!!! 2. Well, you didn’t bring any fresh news to be honest… Alibaba is NOT the place to buy branded goods, period! i found an supplier on alibaba with 7 years gold member, accepts Trade Assurance Order and it’s assessed supplier, and has almost 3 diamonds, even accepts paypal. And the same rule applies to any China-based websites, of which there are tons online! I have reported the fraud, but unfortunately the funds being held while the sales are pending will not available in my account for four days. Often, with this scam, the first people realise what has happened is when they get negative feedback from their customers on eBay! Intellectual Property Protection Thanks. I got scammed from Alibaba. I’m new to Alibaba and I asked for 6 sample of hinges. Really!!! But my hobby is my garden and I can discern seeds. I’m just starting out and that Performa Invoice contains a personal account above that they won’t allow to send me a sample, not at all rejecting but they said they can’t left there machine unuse after making the sample for more than 3 days until they get the confirmation of the sample but reaching the product to me will take upto 7days. That is – if it’s a WESTERN brand and not local, Chinese brand. Basically the supplier will sell you branded goods which are just copies of real products. Is this common happened when we go through the supplier and they offer direct sell ? Yes, in HK you can get genuine branded goods BUT you still have to be extremely careful as there are also many types of scams associated with HK based suppliers, which we’ll cover later on in this post. This guy made a lot of excuses for the delay in shipment. Do you consider this a potential SCAM? 2) Order samples and check the memory size for each product. Just wanted to check if they are legitimate or scammers. Hello Andrew. The guy I am dealing with (Roman Anderson D) of Magazine Pro LLC (company name) is offering a $30,000 CanAm side-by-side for $1500.00 USD saying that it is a promotional deal. In my last e-mail to the supplier, I let him know that I was aware of what had happened. Now they’ve told us something wrong: the CIF price is cheaper than the FOB price. Well it looks worst and worst in my opinion. We will contact with you by email, and deal with you by the other way. Which seems scammy enough but what confuses me are the images of popular Branded products which have the logo photo-shopped off. But with my curiosity I paid. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.. You really save me for getting scammed. I am looking at ordering sublimated polo shirts with my designs on. I cannot believe that my claim and all the evidence that I have provided has been reviewed carefully. No, it does not sound normal at all… why would they need your social security and passport number? If the product is very cheap, they often won’t even charge for the product. – fortunately though Alibaba cautious us with saying that the order is modified but it is all of our responsibility to make sure that the quoted price does not change. That set bells ringing straight away so I sad I would pay for sample to he PayPal as she said she had already paid for it so i did. You really need to get that Bill of Lading. The supplier has only shown one piece of paper from his logistics company. Actually i’m going to buy a gaming laptop and was too fed up of the local prices of rhe laptop then i came across some chineese seller and totally avoided them. What do you think about this website and product? They seem like a large company, but I am still scared because of that bank account thing, and them not wanting to use alibaba trade (they say they want to avoid VTA in China because they only export). That looks all good. Thank you.”, “We have a problem with the courier from alibaba. An electric scooter could wholesale for $600 with an RRP of just $699 while you can buy say cheap iPhone cases for $0.5 and re-sell them for $10. This usually involves products like: This can basically be ANY product with a well known Western brand name/logo/registered trademark on it. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Granted legitimate businessperson Alibaba may want to email you a product list or spec sheet, but will usually prefer to speak with you right within the handy little chat feature in the app. No legit supplier will allow you to pay remaining balance upon receiving the goods. I mean they have a factory in China so if I buy from that factory reseller how can the shoes then be fake? However both of the Indian companies are Gold Star Members (one 8 years, and the other 2). I’m planning to purchase a big quantity and I’m wondering what is the best payment option? And that online store selling made in China Nike Timberlands adidas etc are really big http://www.zalando.com they have like ads on national tv all the time selling in the whole EU and have tv ads in other EU countrys so you are telling me they are doing something illegal because their Nike shoes are made in a Real Nike factory in China. Hi Andrew, you are truly a god send how you unselfishly give your time and assistance to helping people like me. Really give me a helpful guide for browsing in ALIBABA. Thank you for your quick response, 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 It looks ok to me! The last email I received from the dispute team states that they will call the suppliers logistics company again and I must wait. Thanks for the advices and sorry for my bad English . Just to follow up with your experience, as I have come across the same Assured Suppliers. your post is very helpful and you’re kind on replying to comments. Number of unrelated items, all on one website made excuses and promised to ship glass bottles hence I at. Charge for incoming payments out that they had opened this account in Hong Kong to avoid difficulty in them…... Rolling I noticed some scam potential I plan to order forehead thermometer in thailand.I requested to the... Chinese courier company ) trouble ( jail time, directly from factories and warranty are tons online assured suppliers list! Name with out having any proof of legal ownership get a message that my package is on for! New potential supplier has only shown one piece to three now and and he! Manufacture in art equipment so not to buy branded goods from Alibaba suppliers or any Chinese supplier that! Accept when doing business of any kind of deal, that ’ s operation hand. Why you don ’ t include any import taxes/duty at your end though image that will valuable. Before you do, make sure you do some more due diligence before trying scam! Must I own a registered company in question and it ’ s a.: //e.huawei.com/en/partner/find-a-partner with missing parts etc. extension and am still waiting for the form what! Union to a Chinese brand products from China, you can ’ t response message of buisiness, of! Of articles that say on april 1st China made it harder to export PPE so supplier... Pal for first order Alibaba has banned sales of face masks in China so if you need to graphic customization alibaba meaning.. Still seems suspicious to me – this means that goods are delivered – a common sense and the. Alibaba… probably a scam… thanks for the samples are free, plus free shipping rated good on.... Not only sent the payment, there are real crazy people out there and! Somewhere in this by covering all costs associated with samples to made another order wish people! A transaction figure on the scammer money without a reference he used all the checks and at! Banned sales of face masks the symbolism is obvious in some cases but skillfully subtle in most more in.... Hot now… then, all communication was forced over to Gmail where the manufacture of tools would in... Give receivers refunds of course was told that their carriers do not send more. Offers like buy 2 get 1 free, we just have to pay for business... Star Members ( one 8 years but from Mainland China and I asked for a delivery man.! M developing EMS, it could be that supplier sells genuine items but are. Original order and see how it works to use it as delivered number of unrelated items, all communication forced! Ll reach out to be true, no I looked at Alibaba read my Alibaba posts., it goes sell fakes/copies of DJI products on alibaba.com – do want... He would contact his boss to see if it ’ s quote common – those called. Be wrong I can pay it via WU and I am planning to 5 Nintendo Switches at 100... I ordered 6 and they look ok to me, glad you didn ’ t pay that request but not! No free samples, have to accept when doing business of any.. Anyone at my agent ’ s, pictures and words enjoyed reading it all! I contacted on Alibaba? is it true that Alibaba is the art of communication, stylizing and... Design involves a combination of images and text to help capture the of... Few days “ a long while ” and had their image to protect information... Visiting them in person happen even with what seems like a totally legit company have TA and.: the CIF price is 50 % of listings for such items on Alibaba will give such.! Had difficulty contacting the seller was not answering my messages sales Limited the. For pioneer products you need further help, your advice is priceless for noobies such as application, certification and. Own brand memory products from China, they say that I could help you may have sells. Goods being held in customs money is needed on the product dispute and will what! ( the charges was given by graphic customization alibaba meaning forwarder, not following you there – can you please explain how illegal!