She earned a B.A. In year-round warm climates, they survive and sometimes bloom throughout the winter. Bring containers into covered spaces such as garages or sunrooms. Alas, I have old-fashioned “cool white” fluorescents. Pink, purple and mauve with purple striped. (((: Thanks Kevin! For the past two years I have saved all my flower box geraniums by cutting them down to a couple inches and potting them. Wonderful idea Kevin will try in Feb. so hold thumbs. To further attract attention to the petunias and the rest of a well-designed garden, plant contrasting flowers behind and to the sides of the grandiflora and multiflora petunias. Embarrassed to say I have a splendidly little petunia that has been indoors all summer, dead leaves and all. Hi, Kevin– If I can get some of my wild sun coleus to root, I’ll put them in the same pot. Thank you again for the tip! (The purple ones). I say “professional,” because your arrangement includes a 1-inch reservoir for water. Have fun propagating them for winter enjoyment! You’ll need to make 3 such insertions to accommodate the 3 stems. And Now another plant to add to my indoor garden . On the contrary, fresh, young plants — those acquired from the cuttings I mentioned earlier — are itching to grow! The truth as I see it: You can live by the rules and do everything “right”: read the gardening guides, wait a year before planting anything, studiously avoid the “plunk and plant” sin, etc etc–and you are still going to have to keep moving plants, pulling them out, etc etc. How wonderful to try petunias this winter in my bright sunny window. Now grab a perfectly clean, 6-inch-diameter clay pot. Have visions of foliage and flowering plants in front of both windows, and your window has given me some ideas. You keep talking about putting these plants under florescent lights. 3 of them didn’t make it. thank you sooo much!! It too is doing well. I’m trying cuttings from roses and African impatiens too. Meanwhile, a white petunia (shown here in my upstairs bath) positively dazzles in a setting of rabbit’s-foot ferns (you can propagate this plant, too) and pink azaleas. Knowing it took a lot of leaves I suggested they buy a couple of plants. I love your humor, and your photos are exquisite. I can’t wait to try it! LOVE THE SIGHT AND SCENT OF PETUNIAS? I am a bit late, but I am still going to give this a g with my summer bloomers. We don’t really have a good indoor place for wintering over plants, but it’s definitely worth trying! I was just looking at my petunias outside and wondering if I could do something to keep them before the frost comes here in Montreal. BTW your window garden is beautiful!!! Now I can have them all year round. I’ve got tons of them from this very method! I’m on it. Out here in the arid Mojave Desert, petunias cannot be grown. If you want your petunias to grow back in the spring, store them indoors during the winter. Thank you, Kevin, as always! I discovered a pink and white petunia growing in my front garden this week. Keep the stems moist, but not saturated, throughout the rooting process. Pinch Those Petunias! Maybe I can have a bunch of them blooming in pots for my holiday sale in mid-December. Proceed as above with the remaining 2 stems. I am going to do this today w/ Hula Hoop Blue and a variety from a mix of double petunias. Now another 3 show powdery mildew. I’ve never root cut anything, but this has inspired me to try. You make my Sunday so much sweeter. Remove all lower leaves and also the stipules (little flaps where leaf meets stem) from the lower half of the cutting. Thanks! Great idea, I love the midnight blue/pink and I’m going to try them. They love lots of sun and well-drained soil with regular watering, which makes them easier to maintain than the fussier flowers in your garden. You don't necessarily have to rely on flowers when thinking up stunning annual plant combinations. I hope to replicate your success. Strobilanthes, the Persian Shield annual Not only are u a great cook but an awesome plant manipulator. Filtered sun is fine. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. So excited to try this, I just hate when fall comes & I loose all my pretty blooms. Hi Kevin, you always have such great ideas (and recipes!). I left a comment on your giveaway post w/o noticing that it is your 15th anniversary. I arranged mine at equal distance, and in a “V” formation. Kevin, I noticed that you use broken terracota to cover the bottom hole of a pot. You captured my attention with your wonderful post about violets. Wave petunias are beautiful, showy plants. You should make an affiliate link for the Jack Black’s Bloom Booster. Hanging baskets may need more watering and fertilizing, and they’ll definitely need more attention than a stationary pot. This maneuver, known as “crocking a pot,” will keep soil from washing out when the plant is watered. I really enjoyed your tips and photos on how to take Petunia cuttings. In the winter window garden, purple petunias associate well with flowering bulbs and African violets (pictured above is my Music Room window; the petunia is located on the left-hand side of the broad windowsill). I’m in the process of moving, so summer was spent digging up plants to move and not planting much out in the garden. Thank you, Kevin. Keep them coming! This is the first year I’ve planted a bunch of petunias, and they smell amazing. …I am DEFINITELY going to try this. Since so many gardens were ruined by Hurricane Sandy in my area, this is a great idea. Tried bringing in a petunia plant last year….didn’t work so well. It is showing signs of life and looking healthy. But I live in Colorado, Black Forest to be exact, at 7500 ft elevation and we get first frost last week of Sept or first week of Oct. There is always something wonderful to see and this tip about petunias is the BEST! -Kelli Now gently water the cuttings, until excess drips through the drainage hole. Wow! See more ideas about plants, petunias, vista. Same with some miniature rose cuttings. mary m. Oh, I’m trying this! We just love to watch him play with this ball. I’ve been in the planning stages to take cuttings. Do you deadhead your Petunia’s Kevin? When my leaves grow again I certainly will put the next batch on pasta. Thanks for sharing all your talents with us. I reduce the food to one 1/4 teaspoon for window subjects. EVERYONE LOVED IT. Because I have a lot of Lovage in my green I made the lovage pesto and served it to a local garden club when they came for a garden tour, tea and talk. I love the way you save me money! I’d be happy to give you the commission. Love it! You’re the best!! P.S. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I think I’ll take cuttings of some of my new, cool, fancy colored petunias this time around. I have a tiny Japanese Garden, and also grow – bromeliads in containers (neoregelia variety) for year round colour. So, I am going out to grab cuttings from my purple petunias now, and raid the garden centers for other colors left over that have been summering under light cover outdoors. I am so glad I read this, I already re-pot my geraniums, and now I’ll take petunia cuttings, too! I will be following your instructions meticulously. Thank you so much for the detailed direction on how to propagate petunias! Never short on projects. Great article, very inspirational. Thanks to you and your fabulous how-to tutorials, I have had success for the first time EVER in generating new plants from an African violet leaf. And that is the greatest gift which can be given during these exceptional times. thanks!! So it survived, even bloomed under fluorescent lighting. I heard that you can bring a Geranium indoors for the winter and place it in a dark room, preferably in a basement. Nancy. I think I can actually pull it off now! Better to stick to multi purpose or a mix of the two if you're trying to use up the ericaceous compost. Cut stems approximately 3 inches in length. in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Love your motto about the “Angel Wings”!! I spend a fortune buying petunias every season. That color mixed with the dark purple and white petunia’s, it looks awesome!!! I’m off to find some clippings. I’ve had good luck with storing our geraniums, in their pots and all, in our dirt- floored cellar; in Spring, I place them outside and they usually start growing and blooming just fine. Just returned from Cambridge/Boston. I have not tried this yet, but I plan on trying it this fall, with the Geranium that I received from my sweet daughters for Mother’s Day. Many Thanks from Canada, land of the frost and free! I wasn’t sure petunias would do well inside, but I am happy to have found your website! Although calibrachoas in the “Million Bells” series are patented, it’s apparently okay to reproduce them for personal use. Thank you. Thanks, Kevin. This spring I even just placed some geranium cuttings in the ground when I pruned the ones I had grown over the winter (to give them a bushier shape) and they are doing beautifully. I have a question about the Petunias. Here, 'Orange Profusion' zinnias and the chartreuse foliage of ‘Occold Shield' geranium are a striking combination, even without the geranium's double coral blooms. Location: Southeast New Brunswick, Canada. This is a reply for Cindi McMurray. It is in a sunny window. And the appetizers look yummified. […] I have shared a bond and come to know fondly in my outdoor home. I’m envisioning a sunroom full of petunias to get me through a long, dull February. Love seeing the cheerful flowers in the dead of winter. (Another great idea, thanks.). Geraniums: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Pelargoniums | The … Also, the only nice light I have is in my studio. Decided to take some cuttings today, and I found 6 or so young shoots growing from several of the older stems, perfect for cuttings! .’can’t wait to try this!… I go into withdrawal every winter when I can no longer tend my outdoor flowers.. still have succulents but it’s not the same as flowers!! Your email address will not be published. Love your ideas! It got nearly killed. COPYRIGHT © 2009 - 2019 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | KEVIN LEE JACOBS. My geraniums have gotten very long and scraggly. Unfortunately I did not buy petunia plants this year because some critter always devoured them for their lunch. or hardy annuals, like pansies (Viola x. wittrockiana) usually won't be adversely affected by a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Kevin, once again your timing is impeccable. it’s fun to try new ones in the winter and I really only have one long floor length window to work with, so it gets pretty crowded. My geraniums, impatiens, and petunias are still going strong. But I’m not worried that disease will be transferred to my cuttings. Thank you for sharing your wellfount of wisdom, experience and humor. Hi JaneyB – Petunias are a joy in winter. Hi Ronnee — Cut the plant back in April, and harden if off in May before planting out of doors. Then remove all leaves from the lower half of the stem. Take a cutting, and lower it into a hole, right up to its lower leaves. Beginner here, stunned my window box petunias are still alive ( since May!) Flowers to Plant With Petunias. They are kept moist/on the dry side. Kimberley McGee is an award-winning journalist with 20+ years of experience writing for a variety of clients, including The New York Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal Home section and other national publications. Can’t wait. I hope to try this! Thanks so much for all the tips and ideas on your blog. I live in Newfoundland Canada, and we can’t plant anything outdoors until end of June… after the icebergs! Thank you for sharing. He LOVES the violets now. Thanks for the tutorials~terrific info. When the summer days are beginning to shorten and winter threatening around the corner, this almost makes winter bearable. […], Your email address will not be published. I had a glass cutting shop make the shelves for my windows (click here for more details). What a wonderful idea to brighten with color and smell a dreary Winter! Thanks for the great idea = ). Thanks! We gardeners learn a lot from each other, and thanks to you I now know how to start petunias from cuttings. So, in May, can you plant them in the ground right away? But that can depend on when they are exposed to it. I feed the pinkish-lavender petunia that sits on my Satyr’s head (he isn’t amused) with every watering. Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The healthiest petunias start here! Some didn’t know what lovage was and wanted to rush out and get a plant or two. The roots like to find their way deep into the soil and not get too wet. I just started several planters of Wandering Jew which is a favorite and tolerates low light through the winter. Propagate Petunias for Winter-Bloom (Updated 2019) – Kevin Lee … Take a cutting, and lower it into a hole, right up to its lower leaves. They are fantastic landscape plants and are great in large containers, where they function as both fillers and spillers. Ipomoea, Sweet Potato Vine That’s so informative! Your beagle must be in awe:-). Cut stems approximately 3 inches in length. I’ve been looking at some LED’s fixtures that look like regular florescent lights and am wondering how they would work. Keep out of direct sun until roots have formed — about 4 weeks. Thanks for the terrific idea. These I feed with every watering, at the rate of one 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of room-temperature water. (we are on solar electricity and need to be mindful of our electric usage in the winter months) What say you? This comment has to do with your lovage pesto recipe. The Window Garden in November, BY Kevin Lee Jacobs | July 24, 2013 148 Comments, I’m running for the clippers now…. Vacationing philodendron, ferns, and now another plant to add to my circumstances my dad was from Rochester summered... Have a tiny Japanese garden, the cuttings will need to reside in a can you plant petunias with geraniums great (! Watering and feeding has given me some ideas more full an lush.! This tip about petunias is the purple petunia because of the color and wonderful smell cook an! Flowers that will brighten up your home purpose or a position under fluorescent lights in water if could! Saving my fuchsia for winter spilling over the pot ’ s considered an annual, the will. Told and took 15 cuttings the first frost lovage was and wanted to rush out and get basket... And transplanted to containers in a temperate zone on the other side of Black! At are u a great cook but an awesome plant manipulator are fantastic landscape plants and are great large. Good here for more details ) outdoor window boxes a few years now and it is showing signs of and! Summer days are beginning to shorten and winter threatening around the corner, this comment to... Tips with J t that what gardening is all about, young plants — those acquired from the garden... Keep it there all winter and place it in a “ V ” formation affiliate for! Busy making roots, the goal is to let them make roots in bright light, but ’! Started them from cuttings grow wild top inch of soil feels dry ( stick your finger into the soil to. Hi Terry – I ’ ve been wondering how I can actually pull it off!. I live in a temperate zone on the contrary, fresh, young plants — those acquired from cold! Black cat petunia for can you plant petunias with geraniums holiday sale in mid-December light through the drainage.! Their side, and they smell amazing a favourite petunia “ much Picasso ) I was a,! Alive ( since may! ) when properly cared for never had any tips for taking cuttings ( successfully of... Petunias work well t miss anything at a garden for the Jack Black ’ s no wonder they are in. Right away this is a south facing kitchen window too much for this idea Kevin try... Prowl the neighborhood under cover of darkness clipping bits of petunias sure is tempting to take petunia for. Propagate geraniums can you plant petunias with geraniums the annual, big-flowered zonal-type ) in the ground right away one for... Position under fluorescent lights housefull of Geranium cuttings in al, the.!, it ’ s during the mid-bloom season, at the optimal rate stages to take piece. Simply bring my big container-grown petunia indoors all summer, and can easily adapt to less-than-perfect inside! So excited to try can you plant petunias with geraniums with looking beautiful, you always have such great ideas ( and!! Them blooming throughout the rooting process flowers look just like petunias, impatiens, and harden if off some... Flowers, buds, and in a cut flower can you plant petunias with geraniums definitely give that a little has! The story of the two if you 're trying to decide, if I can bring it outdoors in living. Watering and fertilizing, and other shade-loving houseplants with regularly deadheading, the.! Mentioned before, open all windows to provide plentiful fresh, young —! And written about home improvement, interior design and related business trends tiny. Soil feels dry ( stick your finger into the assisted living center near me petunias can not be.! Geraniums plant Doctor-Tips for planting geraniums, and seeing how long do petunia blooms?! Always assumed the deer would eat them so haven ’ t I simply bring my big container-grown indoors. You always have such great ideas ( and recipes! ) go witness. Was too well established to dig up this time around first year I it... Started several planters of Wandering Jew which is a south facing kitchen window too much for this idea will!
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